Author: ShipSage

eTail 2022, a leading annual e-commerce & omnichannel retail conference, was held in Palm Springs, CA from February 27th to March 2nd. For twenty-two years, esteemed C-Level executives from the most highly respected e-commerce brands have been attending eTail to discuss their ideas and strategies.   

For over 20 years, eTail has brought together retail innovators to hear inspirational, tactical content and curated networking. Here’s what you can expect during this exciting, three-day event:  

  • 45+ leading expert retailers sharing their unbiased view of where the future of eCommerce and digital marketing is headed 
  • A virtual exhibit hall: one click away from the most innovative suppliers in the industry—which is where you can find us during the tradeshow! 

  • An interactive, online event: after the conference, join your peers and choose from over thirty different online sessions along the course of 30 days. During this time, you can engage and follow up with the exhibitors and their services.  

This year, we attended among 1,200 retailers and 600 different retail companies. On behalf of ShipSage, four team members were invited to represent the company. Our team met with many people and was delighted to answer any questions about ShipSage and our services.