Author: Elizabeth Korda

One of ShipSage’s guarantees is our company’s speedy onboarding. Depending on your product and fulfillment needs, ShipSage’s onboarding process can be customized to suit your business. Our services are customer adaptable, which means that everything from your user settings to supply chain logistics is customized to your preferred standards and as per your business needs.  

Initial Meeting 

After you conduct some research on us and reach out, our team will introduce you to ShipSage in more detail. There will be a discovery session which will examine your business and how ShipSage can accommodate you best. During this first meeting, our team will discuss the following:  

  • Product information 
  • Dimensional/weight information 
  • Desired warehouse locations 
  • Shipping/freight needs 
  • Special packaging/labeling needs 
  • X-dock vs. traditional fulfillment needs 
  • Certifications/hazmat/climate control needs 

Pricing Proposal Meeting 

After the first meeting takes place, our team will set up a proposal session to discuss the best price model for you. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that all parties are on the same page about ShipSage’s service expectations and deliverables. During the pricing proposal meeting, our team will review the following with you: 

  • Determine pricing standard: Tier I/ Tier II/ Tier III 
  • Include FBA and standard fulfillment rates based on client’s needs 
  • Shipping rates 

Signing the Contract  

Based on what is discussed in the pricing proposal meeting, the ShipSage team will set up a time with you for the signing of the contract. Our primary software for contract signing is Eversign; you can sign the contract online and we will guide you through it in this session.  

Initial Onboarding Session 

Following the signing of the contract agreement, the next step will be to onboard your business into the ShipSage client system where you will be able to gain access to your account, manage inventory, and select fulfillment/shipping preferences for your products. In addition, the initial onboarding meeting will expand on the following topics:  

  • Credentials for ShipSage platform 
  • Training on platform (uploading inventory, submitting orders, receiving, balance/payment, statements, etc.) 

For future reference, our team will follow up (after the meeting) by sending you the onboarding presentation concerning the onboarding steps covered in the meeting.  

API and EDI Integrations 

The last step in ShipSage’s onboarding process concerns API and EDI integrations. These back-end integrations are the glue that connects your business to omnichannel factors. Without setting these up, your business will not be available to diversified marketplaces. During the meeting, our team will assist you in connecting with your preferred marketplaces and help you evaluate which of ShipSage’s channels would work best for your business needs and expectations.  


Overall, ShipSage’s onboarding process is a straightforward journey. We offer simple pricing options, speedy onboarding, and scalable solutions. Depending on the seller and their business, this timeline is adaptable to customization according to their business needs. Our services can cater to businesses both big and small, so leave your fulfilment to us!