Author: Elizabeth Korda

If you believe that swallowed gum takes seven years to digest or that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then maybe debunking these next myths will rock your foundation. Many business owners believe all sorts of tales about 3PLs (third-party logistics) because it might justify their perspective that these companies are time wasting control freaks. ShipSage is here to reassure that this is not the case and would like to debunk four top myths about 3PLs.

Myth #1: 3PLs Are Expensive

You might think that if you DIY the whole fulfillment and logistics process you will be saving a lot of money, but that is a myth. Doing it all yourself is a noble feat, but the stress of managing your time and organizing/overseeing every step of the order fulfillment and logistics process might skew marketing/ consumer focus and leave you burnt out with more money spent than saved. Investing time and money in a reliable and reputable 3PL will be helpful in lifting the weight of logistics off your shoulders. A 3PL’s main role is to support you and your business in whatever needs you have. Partnering with a 3PL will spare youlong-term stress, and will save you money on storage space, fulfillment, labor, security, transportation, shipping, and returns management. Not only will a 3PL save you money, but it will also give you your time back so you can redirect your focus to your business’ marketing and sales goals.

Myth #2: 3PLs Don’t Understand Your Company Culture and Needs

Communication is key. If you are considering partnering with a 3PL but are reluctant because you think they might not be able to support you wholly, then you’re in for a reality check. Partnerships are built on trust and mutual understanding. If you understand their company culture and why they are in fulfillment, then they will understand where you are and where you would like your business to be. For this reason, ShipSage and other fulfillment companies have a series of conversations in place in order to ensure that values and goals align. Therefore, we have a thorough pre-onboarding process and plenty of opportunities to connect before, during, and after signing a contract. After the contract signing, you will continue communicating your needs and business goals with your account manager.

Myth #3: 3PLs Are Control Freaks

When you partner/sign a contract with a fulfillment company it’s not like you’re handing off your business to someone else. Your business is still yours and you are free to run it however you like. We are only there to support your fulfillment and logistics needs in a way that helps build and expand your business. When you partner with a 3PL like ShipSage, you will have more control and visibility over your orders/inventory and supply chain. Most 3PLs have a warehouse management system and order management system that will aid in business strategies and give insights into how the fulfillment process performs and progresses. Therefore, 3PLs provide you with support, software, and updates by always keeping you in the loop either through software and/or by communicating with your account manager.

Myth #4: 3PLs Are a Customer Service Nightmare

One of our main company focuses is customer satisfaction and support. Unlike internet or mobile phone service providers, we don’t keep you on hold and play hot potato with you and five other colleagues. Trust me, I tested ShipSage’s 24/7 customer service number at 7 PM. The person on the other end answered at once and was happy to help me with anything I needed. In addition, we have account managers to journey alongside you once you partner with us. They will be able to help you optimize your fulfillment process, help you with any concerns, and connect you with people who will be able to help you in more specialized ways. We are experienced in this industry and know how to deal with challenging situations because we have been there before, and it has helped us grow. This time around, it won’t be a sufferable experience to talk with customer service representatives.

ShipSage’s services are customizable in order to align with your business needs and goals, so you never have to feel limited or stuck on a one-way street. ShipSage is not an “our way or the highway” type of service provider. We strive to be simple, speedy, and scalable to accommodate you and your business.

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