1. ShipSage Order Fulfillment

Among other logistical services, ShipSage offers order fulfillment services which include storing merchandise from sellers who are ordering directly from wholesalers: ShipSage fulfills those orders and stores the goods in the warehouse. When a customer orders from the seller, we provide the picking, packing, and shipping of those goods and the products are delivered to the customer through one of our carrier partners. Using a fulfillment company like ShipSage saves the seller stress and money on inventory storage, warehousing management, packaging, and shipping fees. Additionally, E-commerce sellers can actualize the timeliness of delivery by using our strategically located warehouses to deliver goods all over the United States.

ShipSage’s order fulfillment service provides 99.9% same-day delivery turnaround and 99.9% order accuracy.

2. Order Fulfillment Advantages

3. Order Fulfillment Process

  • Seller prepares inventory to be shipped to ShipSage warehouse

  • ShipSage warehouse receives inventory, verifies the ASN

  • Inventory is put away onto warehouse shelves and is updated in the WMS

  • API order integration (or through manual template)

  • Warehouse picks and packs the order

  • Order ships out to the buyer, tracking number created within ShipSage app

4. Order Fulfillment Pricing

Service Cost
Inbound Receiving



$420/40′ container

$500/40′ HQ container

Pick and Pack

Low to $1.5/package, base on billable weight.

$0.60/additional pick