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1. ShipSage FBA Transfer

As your business scales, you will reach a point where you will need a logistical expert to assist you in your growth. ShipSage can provide that industry knowledge! When the seller needs to replenish their inventory at Amazon, ShipSage will prep and transfer the inventory to the designated FBA fulfillment center. ShipSage can guarantee the coordination and solutions regarding prepping, storing, handling, and transferring.

By using a fulfillment service like ShipSage during peak holiday seasons, a seller can be confident that they can maximize their sales on account of having supplemental inventory available at a 3PL warehouse.

2. FBA Transfer Advantages

3. FBA Transfer Process

  • Merchant prepares inventory and ships to ShipSage warehouse

  • Provide Advanced Shipment Notice

  • ShipSage warehouse receives inventory, and verify quantity received

  • Put away the inbound inventory

  • Inventory visible in System, and ready for transfer order

  • Merchant submits transfer order to system, warehouse prepare the order, palletizing as needed

  • Ship Out to FBA warehouse

4. FBA Transfer Pricing

Service Cost
Inbound Handling $250/ 20′ container
$420/40′ container
$500/40′ HQ container
Storage Fee $0.60/cubic foot
FBA Prep and Transfer Low to $1.5/package, based on billable weight.
$0.60/additional pick

Additional Services

Service Cost
Palletizing $24/pallet

$7/each additional SKU

Labeling and Packaging Materials $0.7/carton label

$2.80/pallet label

Low to $0.7/master carton

5. FBA Transfer FAQs

What are the requirements for the size, weight, and dimensions of the products fulfilled by ShipSage?2022-03-29T17:20:44-07:00

ShipSage has less stringent requirements for goods than Amazon warehouses. FBA warehouses have strict requirements on the packaging size and weight of goods, while ShipSage has almost no requirements for the external packaging of items. Sellers can select optimal packaging according to the characteristics of their own merchandise. After ShipSage receives the seller’s inventory, it is all divided into boxes, repackaged, labelled, and other services according to FBA packaging requirements. Then, the packaged inventory is then delivered to the customer or Amazon warehouses per the seller’s request.

Does ShipSage stock up in advance?2022-03-29T17:29:20-07:00

ShipSage can stock up goods in advance, choose transit, and send goods to FBA warehouses or customers.

Does ShipSage provide transit services for all sizes of inventory?2022-03-29T17:32:38-07:00

Yes, our transit service does not require a minimum size of inventory. As long as the seller chooses the transit service, ShipSage can provide the corresponding service.

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