Fulfillment and Shipping Processes
How does fulfillment and shipping work with ShipSage? 

Once we agree on terms and sign the contract, you can register for an account through our system. After we approve and configure it, you’ll have full access. 

Create a product in our system, select a ShipSage warehouse, and send the product. You can choose a transit agency or ShipSage’s fast-in, fast-out service. 

Once the goods arrive, our warehouse will manage your inventory. When you create an order, our warehouse will fulfill and ship it via a local carrier. For any logistics questions, contact our customer service team. 


What is the delivery timeframe with ShipSage? 

Delivery times depend on factors like distance and delivery channels. ShipSage guarantees two-day delivery coverage across the United States from our warehouses. 


How quickly will my order be shipped? 

If orders are placed before 12:00 PM (local warehouse time), they will be shipped the same day. Otherwise, they will be shipped the next day. 


Can I use my own shipping label with ShipSage? 

Yes, you can use your own shipping label for your orders. In our app, you can either provide your own labels or let ShipSage generate one for you. 

Watch the video tutorial HERE (skip to 2:20). 

Product and Inventory Management
How can I check inventory status through ShipSage warehouses? 

Partners can log into the ShipSage platform to check their inventory in real time using our automated warehouse management system. The ShipSage Customer Success Team is available 24/5 to assist with any inventory questions.


Does ShipSage provide transit services for all inventory sizes? 

Yes, our transit service has no minimum inventory size. ShipSage can provide transit services for any amount of inventory chosen by the seller. 


What are the size, weight, and dimension requirements for products fulfilled by ShipSage? 

ShipSage has fewer packaging requirements than Amazon warehouses. While FBA warehouses have strict rules on packaging size and weight, ShipSage allows more flexibility. Sellers can use the best packaging for their products.  


Can I include mixed SKUs in one carton on the ASN packing list? 

Yes, you can include mixed SKUs in one carton on the ASN packing list. The process is simple. You have two options to add a mixed SKUs carton in the ShipSage app: directly on the app page or by using a downloadable template. 


When will my inventory show up in my account after ShipSage receives my ASN? 

We have a service level agreement of 48 hours (excluding the date of arrival) for receiving an ASN. Your inventory will appear in your account once the ASN is marked “completed.” 

Pricing and Fees
Can ShipSage’s pricing plan and services be customized to fit my business model? 

In addition to our listed services, we can customize the service process and pricing based on your business needs. For more details, please contact ShipSage. 


What is included in ShipSage’s fulfillment pricing? 

Our pricing covers inventory storage, fulfillment (pick and pack), shipping, returns, and relabeling. We customize the pricing chart based on your business needs. Our pricing is simple and transparent. For more details, please contact a ShipSage representative.


What do ShipSage’s storage fees cover? 

Storage fees are charged per cubic foot. ShipSage customizes inventory and billing based on your business needs. Our system optimizes storage structure according to the quantity, size, and turnover frequency of your products, providing the most economical storage solutions to help you save costs. The billing model can be tailored for all sellers as needed. 


Will I be charged an account opening fee when registering with ShipSage? 

No, ShipSage does not charge a monthly subscription fee. Sellers only pay for inventory storage and the fulfillment services they select. 

Storage and Security
What are the benefits of storing products with ShipSage compared to Amazon? 
  1. Warehousing Costs: Large items cost more with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) than with a 3PL service like ShipSage.
  1. Standardized Requirements: FBA has strict standards for packaging and labeling, requiring replacements if damaged. They don’t offer product assembly. ShipSage provides sorting, inventory, and inspection services at lower costs.
  1. Returns and Customer Support: Amazon allows unconditional returns but charges fees for disposal or return to the seller. ShipSage replaces labels, repackages, and restocks returned items, reducing costs and increasing profits.
  1. Storage Risk: Goods in FBA can be seized if your Amazon account is closed. ShipSage offers secure storage with 24/5 customer support.


How does ShipSage ensure warehouse storage security? 
  1. Our warehouse provides pre-job training to ensure all employees work in a standardized way.
  1. Staff regularly check inventory to confirm accuracy and completeness.
  1. Key areas of the warehouse have surveillance and fire safety equipment.
  1. The warehouse alarm system is linked to local public safety authorities and will automatically alert them in case of an incident.


Are outsiders allowed access to the warehouse? 

ShipSage does not allow non-warehouse staff to enter the facility. 


System and Technical Support
Who should I contact for ShipSage system failures? 

For ShipSage system issues, contact customer service. They offer support 24/5. 


What information do sellers need to provide to access the ShipSage system and client login? 

Once the contract is signed, the client needs to provide their business license and account holder information. After this, the client can contact customer service to gain access to their account. 


How does ShipSage ensure inventory and order accuracy? 

ShipSage uses an automated warehouse management system (WMS) and barcode scanning technology. When you enter product information, the system generates barcodes automatically. During fulfillment and shipping, we scan each item and confirm it through the WMS to ensure order accuracy. 

Types of Goods and Special Handling
Can I send batteries, dangerous goods, and perishable items through ShipSage? 

Batteries are classified as dangerous goods and must be shipped through specific channels. When sending them to our warehouse, you need to provide authenticated MSDS certificates, UN38.3 certificates, and accurate labels for all products. Contact a ShipSage representative for more info.


What types of goods does ShipSage not accept? 

We do not accept flammable or explosive items, dangerous chemicals, strong magnetic products, or items that violate U.S. laws and regulations. 


What kind of businesses can ShipSage accommodate? 

ShipSage serves businesses of all sizes with fulfillment services. We offer straightforward pricing, quick onboarding, and scalable end-to-end solutions. Let us handle your fulfillment needs! 


Is ShipSage’s return and relabeling service available for all e-commerce platforms? 

Yes. ShipSage supports returns and relabeling for all e-commerce platforms. We offer omni-channel fulfillment, returns, relabeling, and shipping. 


What does returning and relabeling a product involve? 

Products returned due to non-quality issues or damaged packaging can be relabeled and restocked. This process ensures your inventory is replenished and available for future orders. 


Do you offer any value-added services, such as packaging? 

Yes, we offer Value-Added Services (VAS). You can discuss your needs during a sales call, onboarding meeting, or via email. When requesting a VAS, please provide detailed instructions and information about the project. Some of our VAS include relabeling, remeasuring, bundling, splitting, disposal, photo requests, repacking, and cycle counts. For other requests, coordinate with our Sales or Customer Success team to see if we can accommodate them. 

E-Commerce Platform Integration
Which e-commerce platforms can ShipSage connect to? 

ShipSage supports integration with many platforms. Sellers on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, TikTok Shop, Chewy, and AliExpress can use ShipSage fulfillment services to expand their business marketplace. 


Does the Shopify integration update inventory quantities automatically? 

Yes, our Order Management System (OMS) integrates fully with Shopify. This means we automatically update your inventory in real-time. When an order is fulfilled or restocked in our warehouse, the quantity is immediately updated on your Shopify store. This ensures your store always shows accurate inventory levels, preventing overselling and underselling, and improving your customer’s shopping experience. 

Payment and Insurance
Does ShipSage support multiple currencies? 

Currently, only USD deposits are supported. 


Can I add extra insurance to my orders? 

Yes, we offer insurance for packages shipped via UPS. Packages valued up to $100 are covered at no extra cost. For higher values, additional insurance is available: $3.90 for values from $100.01 to $300, and $1.30 for every $100 above $300. 

Operational Hours and Disaster Plans
What are the operating hours of ShipSage warehouses? 

Monday to Friday: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (local time). Closed on holidays. 


What are your plans for handling disruptions like natural disasters? 

We adapt flexibly to disruptions like natural disasters. We keep everyone updated on the situation and our response plans. We use generators to maintain operations during power outages, minimizing downtime. Our warehouses have CCTV for security and are equipped with insurance covering natural disasters like fire and flood, as well as damage and negligence incidents. This comprehensive coverage ensures financial protection and peace of mind. 

Order Management
Why is there a difference between the estimated shipping cost and the actual shipping cost? 

The difference is due to the dimensional (DIM) weight factor, which measures the space a package occupies relative to its actual weight. For each shipment, you are charged based on the DIM weight or the actual weight, whichever is greater. For more details, please contact a ShipSage representative. 


When can I submit orders on my account? 

You can submit orders if you have an ASN on the way. We process ASNs within 48 hours, excluding the arrival date. Once we receive and log your inventory, we can start fulfilling your orders. 


How do you ensure the safety of shipments? 

At ShipSage, we ensure the safety of shipments through several measures: 

  • Use high-quality packaging materials to protect products during transit. 
  • Advanced order management systems track products at every stage. 
  • Partner with reliable carriers for careful handling during transportation. 
  • Offer optional insurance coverage for added protection. 
  • Conduct regular quality checks to ensure proper storage and handling in our facilities. 


How do you handle returns and reverse logistics? 

Our returns and reverse logistics process is simple and efficient. It involves four key steps: initiation using our Order Management System, transportation, inspection, and either warehousing or disposal of the returned products.