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1. ShipSage Warehousing and Distribution

ShipSage is a fulfillment service provider with 8 years of experience in e-commerce fulfillment and warehouse operations. At present, we have over 500,000 square feet of warehouse capacity throughout the United States. The warehouses are operated by experienced ShipSage employees and equipped with an adaptable warehouse management system. Additionally, the key areas in the warehouses are monitored with video surveillance, equipped with high-tech security systems at all exits and docks, and our warehouse personnel are certified in safety protocols.

ShipSage provides a variety of services such as FBA and FBM fulfillment, B2B and B2C, warehouse storage, and omnichannel integration. ShipSage has developed partnerships with UPS, FedEx, and other carriers to offer a seamless fulfillment experience.

2. Warehousing and Distribution Advantages

3. Warehousing and Distribution Process

4. Warehousing and Distribution Pricing

Our standard charging items include storage fee, warehouse rent, order operation fee, transportation fee, etc. The specific quotation table will be customized as per your business needs. The cost of items and cost standards are simple and transparent. You are welcome to contact ShipSage for a quote consultation.

Service Cost
Storage Fee $0.60/cubic foot
Inbound Receiving $3/carton


$420/40′ container

$500/40′ HQ container

Pick and Pack Low to $1.5/package, based on billable weight.

$0.60/additional pick

Special Projects $0.70/label

$5/unit for kitting/bundling

$24/pallet + $7 per SKU on the pallet

5. Warehousing and Distribution FAQs

How are ShipSage’s warehouse storage fees calculated compared to its competitors?2022-03-29T18:11:41-07:00

The warehousing fees include cargo and product handling fees which are calculated and charged according to factors such as different categories, product size, weight, and quantity. Compared with FBA’s warehousing and other services, ShipSage’s pricing is lower.

What is ShipSage’s delivery timeframe?2022-03-29T18:18:24-07:00

The delivery timeliness is affected by many factors like distance and delivery channels. As far as ShipSage’s warehouses are concerned, two-day delivery coverage is guaranteed across the United States.

What are the characteristics of an ideal 3PL?2022-03-29T18:22:35-07:00

An ideal 3PL can help you efficiently solve problems such as warehousing and distribution of e-commerce products through FBA transfer, drop shipping, and return and relabeling services. The seller is only responsible for their business operations, and ShipSage takes care of all the fulfillment and warehousing operations.

What kind of businesses can be accommodated at ShipSage?2022-03-29T18:26:18-07:00

ShipSage offers fulfillment services for businesses both big and small. We have simple pricing, speedy onboarding, and scalable end-to-end solutions. Leave your fulfillment to us!

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