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1. ShipSage Return and Relabel

ShipSage offers returns and relabeling options to e-commerce sellers. If a product is returned by the buyer and the product is damaged during shipping or the seller’s account is cancelled, it would be beneficial to use ShipSage’s return services.

If the product is returned and is deemed resalable, ShipSage can provide the value-added service by updating the labels, repackaging and restocking the items in the warehouse and made available for all future orders.

2. Return and Relabeling Advantages

3. Return and Relabel Process

  • Merchant creates remove order and sends products to ShipSage Warehouse

  • ShipSage warehouse receives products, update system

  • Merchant sends relabel & rework instruction

  • Warehouse processes the rework based on specific requirement

  • Warehouse provides rework result with carton information

  • Merchant creates shipment plan to send to Amazon or other marketplaces

  • ShipSage ship out products to Amazon/another marketplace

4. Return and Relabel Pricing

Service Cost
Return Inbound Handling $4.50/box + $1.50/SKU

5. Returns and Relabeling FAQs

What does returning and relabeling a product entail?2022-03-29T17:39:06-07:00

Sales are not affected by quality problems of the product, product labels or externally damaged packaging. Returns can be relabeled and restocked to replenish your inventory so that your product is available for future orders.

Does ShipSage provide solutions for FBA returns?2022-03-30T10:01:42-07:00

Amazon supports unconditional return and exchange of goods for customers and most returned goods will never be resold again on the platform. Amazon return policies causes certain losses to the seller. However, ShipSage can replace the label or packaging for products (damaged or not) and can sell it again, which can maximize seller profits.

Are FBA returns and relabeling charged apart from the initial fulfillment price model?2022-03-29T17:50:57-07:00

FBA returns and re-branding charges are generally divided into return service fees (including receipt, listing, tally, replacement of new FNSKU), storage fees, outbound order processing fees, etc. The specific price depends on the quantity of goods, service content, and dimensional weight calculations.

Is ShipSage’s return and relabeling service available for all ecommerce platforms?2022-03-29T17:56:06-07:00

Yes. Products which are returned and relabeled at ShipSage are generally supported for sale on other e-commerce platforms. We support omni-channel fulfillment, returns and relabeling, and shipping/delivery.

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