Inflation can affect everyone and everything in many ways. Companies, sellers (business owners), and consumers (buyers) are all on the same boat, however, inflation may affect them differently. Depending on the impact, a company might have to downsize, a business owner might have to be mindful of having enough inventory, and a consumer might have to re-evaluate their spending liberties/budget. In The Impact of Inflation article, we discussed how ecommerce business owners can acknowledge, understand, and plan ahead for inflation impacts in order to minimize the negative effects on their business and consumer base. In the following article, ShipSage will showcase how our services always provide support to our clients (sellers), especially during an inflationary economy period.



ShipSage does not have a monthly subscription fee or require a minimum of orders for fulfillment. This is to help you use our services for your business needs without being bogged down by trivial expenses.

Furthermore, we have a flexible price system to accommodate sellers in their business endeavors without breaking the bank. Additionally, we also offer two types of storage fee options: per cubic foot and per pallet.

When it comes to our warehouse logistics and shipping criteria, we have certain criteria for packages that are more efficient and get you the best deal on shipping costs through a new dimensional weight standard.

Correspondingly, ShipSage has placed great focus on expanding our nationwide fulfillment reach with regional (CA, IL, MS, PA) multi-warehouse locations for the purpose of driving fulfillment forward. Our warehouses are located near ports, which is less costly for freight and promotes quicker delivery windows.

Last but not least, ShipSage has implemented integrations and software where clients can expand their business and track order fulfillment data to inform their business status and progress.

Our services are simple, speedy, and scalable. Leave your fulfillment to us!