ShipSage WMS>>Inventory Management System Based on Cloud Technology

Help cross-border e-commerce sellers, improve order processing efficiency, and reduce labor costs.


Warehouse Operation

ShipSage System Functions

  • API Docking: Mainstream e-commerce platforms Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, eBay, Wayfair, etc.
  • Order Management: Merge orders, display processing fees and shipping estimates, and track order processing status.
  • Inventory Management: PDA entry + system management, real-time inventory tracking, intelligent picking, accurate and efficient delivery of goods.
  • Data Analysis: Checking inventory status and order volume at any time, empowering optimized decision-making, and providing data support for project management.
  • Financial Reconciliation: The billing plan is simple, the costs can be lowered per order and SKU level, and the total cost can also be viewed by day, week, and month.

ShipSage System Advantages

Efficient Delivery

The order tracking number will be generated within 1 hour, and the goods will be shipped out within 24 hours.

Smart Shipping

Automatically merge orders from the same customer to save on shipping costs.

No Subscription Service

Sellers can choose their fulfillment service options at will with no extra added fees or subscription bundles.

Wrong Address Correction

The system automatically corrects the wrong address for delivered orders to avoid the loss of goods.