Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) represents a hybrid fulfillment method that allows Amazon sellers to dispatch orders from their own warehouses while still showcasing the Prime badge. This approach melds the flexibility and cost efficiency of Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) with the visibility and customer trust associated with Prime. Let’s explore SFP in detail and understand how ShipSage optimizes this fulfillment program.


What is Amazon SFP?

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is a program that enables merchants to fulfill orders directly from their warehouses while adhering to Amazon’s Prime standards. This allows sellers to:

  • Utilize the same Prime badge that Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) offers, enhancing product visibility.
  • Enjoy the flexibility and cost savings that come with FBM.
  • Suitably handle oversized or extra-large items that might incur high FBA fees.


How ShipSage Excels at SFP

ShipSage has been successfully managing SFP since 2017, utilizing several strategic advantages:


1. Experience and Network

With seven years of SFP experience and six strategically placed warehouses across the U.S., ShipSage ensures efficient and reliable order fulfillment.


2. High Efficiency

ShipSage achieves 99.5% same-day shipping with a 2 pm cut-off time, ensuring rapid dispatch of orders.


3. Reliability

ShipSage maintains a 97% origin scan rate, including weekends, ensuring consistent tracking and timely updates.


4. Weekend Operations

ShipSage provides comprehensive weekend services, including picking, packing, and origin scanning, to meet Amazon’s stringent requirements.


5. Advanced Technology

ShipSage utilizes a Warehouse Management System (WMS) dashboard for real-time tracking and status updates on SFP orders.


6. Smart Distribution

ShipSage employs smart distribution logic to select the best shipping carrier based on cost and delivery speed, optimizing logistics efficiency.


7. Dedicated Support

ShipSage offers a dedicated project manager and team to monitor daily SFP orders and ensure compliance with Amazon’s standards.


8. Proactive Management

ShipSage implements escalation processes for orders at risk of missing same-day shipment, ensuring timely resolution of issues.


9. Performance Monitoring

ShipSage conducts same-day origin scan reporting and weekly performance reviews to maintain high service levels.

KPI and Implementation Challenges

Implementing SFP comes with specific challenges and key performance indicators that sellers must meet:


1. High Delivery Standards

Sellers must maintain a super high 1-day and 2-day delivery promise.


2. On-Time Delivery Rate

Ensuring a strict on-time delivery rate is critical for maintaining the Prime badge.


3. Geographic Distribution

Geographically dispersed warehouses are necessary to cover a wide delivery area efficiently.


4. Weekend Operations

Sellers must commit to weekend operations, including pickup and scanning, to meet Amazon’s delivery requirements.


5. Weekend Delivery

Ensuring weekend delivery capabilities is essential for maintaining Prime standards.


6. Three-Strike Rule

Sellers must adhere to strict performance standards to avoid penalties under Amazon’s three-strike rule.

Why Choose ShipSage for SFP?

ShipSage offers several advantages that make it a standout choice for managing SFP:


1. Strategic Warehouse Locations

ShipSage’s multiple fulfillment centers across the U.S. reduce shipping costs and delivery times by fulfilling orders from the nearest location.


2. Advanced WMS

ShipSage provides real-time tracking and performance metrics through an integrated WMS dashboard, ensuring transparency and efficiency.


3. Dedicated Team

A dedicated project manager and support team monitor daily SFP orders, providing personalized service and proactive management.


4. Cost Efficiency

Smart distribution logic and proactive management help select cost-effective shipping options while maintaining high delivery standards.



Seller Fulfilled Prime by ShipSage truly embodies “FBM on Steroids.” By blending the flexibility and cost savings of FBM with the enhanced visibility and customer trust of Prime, SFP offers a robust solution for Amazon sellers. With ShipSage’s extensive experience, advanced technology, and dedicated support, sellers can overcome the challenges of SFP and fully leverage its benefits to boost their e-commerce success.

If you’re ready to optimize your fulfillment strategy with SFP, book a call with ShipSage today and discover how we can enhance your fulfillment operations and help your business thrive.